In today’s digital age, unconventional online earning methods are gaining popularity. The internet offers many opportunities and challenges, from watching videos to identifying potential scams. Let’s delve into three platforms that provide job opportunities through video consumption, along with tips to steer clear of suspicious credit card charges.

Platforms For Earning By Watching Videos

Swagbucks Watch:

Swagbucks Watch is another platform where users can earn rewards for watching videos. By simply streaming content on various topics, users accumulate points that can be redeemed for gift cards or cash. Whether it’s movie trailers, news clips, or product advertisements, Swagbucks Watch offers a diverse range of content for users to engage with.


Have you recently checked the Flixtagger job opportunity and thought Is Flixtagger legit? This platform presents an intriguing opportunity for individuals to earn money by watching and tagging Netflix shows. In the midst of the flourishing remote work trend, this platform offers a means for users to capitalize on their love for binge-watching. Through Flixtagger, viewers can actively participate in content categorization while receiving a financial reward for their contributions.

InboxDollars TV:

InboxDollars TV provides yet another avenue for earning money through video consumption. Users can watch short video clips on topics like news, entertainment, and lifestyle and earn cash rewards. With a user-friendly interface and a wide selection of content, InboxDollars TV makes earning passive income accessible to everyone.

Identifying Potential Credit Card Scams


Cotfit charges may appear on your credit card statement after booking a flight through Capital One Travel. However, unauthorized charges could indicate fraudulent activity. If you notice unexpected Cotfit charges, it’s crucial to investigate further to protect yourself from scams.

Gymflix Subscriptions:

Gymflix subscriptions may seem legitimate, promising access to fitness videos and workout routines. However, some unauthorized charges under the guise of Gymflix may indicate a scam. Be wary of recurring charges for services you didn’t sign up for, and promptly report any suspicious activity to your bank.

Vlmresort Charges:

Vlmresort charges may appear on your credit card statement following reservations made through online travel agencies. However, these charges could indicate a scam or unauthorized activity if you haven’t booked any accommodations. Be vigilant and report suspicious charges promptly to protect yourself from financial harm.


The internet offers a world of opportunities and risks, from earning money by indulging in your favorite pastime to staying vigilant against online scams. By exploring innovative platforms and staying informed about potential threats, you can confidently navigate the digital landscape.


How do I get started with Flixtagger?

Visit the Flixtagger website, create an account, and follow the instructions to start earning money by watching and tagging Netflix shows.

Is the Swagbucks Watch available worldwide?

Yes, Swagbucks Watch is accessible to users worldwide, allowing individuals from various regions to earn rewards by watching videos.

What should I do if I encounter unauthorized Cotfit charges?

If you notice Cotfit charges on your credit card statement without having made any flight bookings, contact your bank immediately to report the unauthorized charges and prevent further fraud.

How can I avoid falling victim to credit card scams?

Stay vigilant by reviewing your credit card statements regularly, avoiding sharing sensitive information online, and reporting suspicious activity to your bank or credit card issuer.